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Privacy statement

Privacy statement

Shenzhen Jumper Computer Technology Co.,Ltd and their relations in enterprises (hereinafter referred to as "we" or "in" parker) promises to protect and respect your privacy. Our operating activities all follow the law to protect personal privacy and personal data security requirements. Parker in the privacy policy (hereinafter referred to as "the policy") will help you understand, we may collect personal information, how we use and protect personal information and we told that personal data object.

If your personal information will be provided to us, will be regarded as you accept this policy.

We collect personal information and use

When you browse or use our services (hereinafter referred to as "the services"), you can decide whether to log in, ordering goods, request product support service or registered; When you choose to use this service, we may ask you to provide specific information to offer the following services. Parker to collect your personal information in project and its use of purpose is as follows:

We may collect your name, email address (including zip code), telephone number, fax number, E-mail address and other identifiable "personal information" to your identity:

When you register or order site download (or need) when the product or service, is used to authorize registered, technical support, product upgrades, discounts, complete payment and transport products such as contractual obligation or other promotional offers.

When you subscribe to our free provides products, services, and other special preferential marketing data is used to send the marketing materials to you.

Please note that you can unsubscribe at any time.

When you come to our events, is used to confirm your qualifications, inform you that your activities dynamic contact or give prize.

Better to meet individual needs the support of your service.

In reply to your questions or information query.

Provide customer care and satisfaction survey and obtain feedback.

To provide and improve services, user experience research and analysis.

We may collect your computer model, standby mode, when the machine events, idiomatic interface, language setting, commonly used software, information, software functions and the operation habit and so on related to device "devices use relevant information to:

Improve and upgrade the service parker.

As a user experience research and analysis.

We use in the particular purpose range, are likely to be part of the personal information provided by you to inform our agent and/or contractors, and we will ensure that the agents and/or the contractor strictly abide by this policy.

Except for the requirement of law, the competent authority or judicial unit, or to preserve the legal request, or defense or to prevent fraud or other wrongdoing necessary, we will not within the scope of the has nothing to do with the collection purpose to use or transfer your personal information to third parties.

In particular, we will not sell your personal information to third parties or marketing.

When collecting the specific purpose of the personal information disappears, the cypress will stop using your personal data.

Cross-border transmission

When you provide personal data to the cypress, you understand and agree that the personal data may be in the relationship between enterprises and (or) our agent parker and (or) the contractor interplanting cross-border transport, and in all over the world, the relationship between enterprises and parker (or) our agent and/or the contractor may storage and processing of your personal information. All personal information cross-border transport, storage and use of your personal data behavior should abide by this policy.

How do we use Cookies and Web Beacons

"Cookies" means stored in your computer, you can log in our service and help you personal experience of the online technology. We use "Cookies" to store your use of this web service habits and preferences, make you take when you need not to use this service to enter the same information, the next time you browse the web and in providing customized content and is suitable for your advertising. Our website may use "Web Beacons" or similar technology. When you browse our web page, will be in your computer with the anonymous information browsing activity related. Us or a third party (including but not limited to Google) may use these information to identify the specific pages or have you ever visited our website, click on the link. We may in our marketing email and use the "Web Beacons" e-paper, in order to judge you for what you have mustered or link information. We use this information to get to know you how to use our website, and to improve the service we provide to you.

You can choose to set your web browser to refuse to use Cookies, but please note that you may be unable to use the site's full functionality.

This service is safe

We use appropriate security measures to prevent your personal information from eavesdroppers, tampering, leaking or damage, including personal data collection, storage, handling and safety measures, and the safety measures for internal examination of the entities, to prevent invasion we store your personal information in the system. Our relationship with located elsewhere at the security of network for data transmission between enterprises, when you provide personal information through this service, your personal information either online or offline will be protected.

However, we cannot guarantee the network security completely. We recommend that you use network to mix of letters and Numbers to set account and password, and change your password on a regular basis. In addition, you should frequently update your anti-virus software and using virus/spyware scan program.

How to check and update your personal information

In order to maintain the correct your personal data, you can access, modify, and after login the service edit your registration information. To be on the safe side, you should use your account password login the service.

If you give us personal information provided to you have other needs, welcome to use this policy finally provides E-mail contact us.

Children's right to privacy

We won't be informed and has not obtained the parents or guardian agree to the case, the personal information from their children. We suggest that parents or guardians should be accompanied by your child to use this service.

If you as a child, please seek your parents or guardian's consent. Only after we confirm your parents or guardian agree, you can provide the information to us. Your parents or guardian may revoke any agreed said.

Special or sensitive personal information

Parker won't require you to provide a special or sensitive personal information, such as your medical or health records, politics or religion, sexual orientation, sex, criminal record or gene. Also please don't provide such information to us.