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Microsoft’ s new CEO visit Microsoft Shenzhen Jumper Store [2014-10-24]

               Microsoft? s new CEO visit Microsoft Shenzhen Jumper Store

Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella arrived in China on the afternoon of 24th Sep. This is Nadella  first visit to China after he

do as Microsoft head.

On the afternoon of 25th Sep , 2014, Nadella make a speech in Tsinghua University, he shared his dream, struggle,

innovation,unique experience and the logic of his personal life with Tsinghua students.On the 26th, Nadella carry

 Microsoft? s global vice president, Microsoft Worldwide and senior vice president of Microsoft Greater China Greater

China, came to Shenzhen and visit our Microsoft authorized store.

                                                                           Nadella Group

                                                    Nadella and Jumper Director Xie Xiangqun

Jumper Microsoft stores in Shenzhen exclusive Microsoft authorized stores, operating Microsoft Surface, Xbox one,

Windows,Office and other Microsoft software and hardware products.

In Nadella’s opinion, Microsoft?s platform is to provide greater opportunity for partners, let them develop their own

business around Microsoft. Nadella think that Microsoft can offer unique software and equipment to China, to make

Chinese enterprises promote the development of the global economy. In a sense, Nadella’s visit to China has the

important purpose that define the relationship between Microsoft and China market. If 20 years ago, Microsoft act

as knowledge disseminator?s role in China, so Microsoft hopes to learn from the world?s largest mobile Internet

market and grow up together today.

                                                        Nadella Visit Jumper Microsoft Store

                                                   Nadella Leaving  Jumper Go To Next Station