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“Run, Jumper”-New Year Party of Jumper in 2015 [2015-01-31]


    “Run, Jumper”-New Year Party  of Jumper in 2015


 Year of Horse ends with advance and passion, and Year of Goat comes with fortune and auspiciousness.

 Time flies! It’s a good time again to celebrate the new year in a flash. Through two months’ special

planning and rehearsal by all the staff in Jumper, the New Year’s Party is finally put on January the 28th

 at Grand Mercure Oriental Ginza Hotel in Shenzhen.

                                   Opening Ceremony

The Party is divided into three parts. The first is the Award Ceremony. For this part, five awards which

involve “the Best Newers”, “Outstanding Staff”, “Outstanding Leaders”, “Outstanding Contribution”

and “Outstanding Devotion ”are set to commend all the staff in Jumper who perform excellently in the 

year 2014.During the ceremony, President Xie, President Shan and other principals from other relevant

departments award to all the winners, some of whom are also invited to give a speech on the award. Applause

of congratulation continues and the atmosphere of site is warm and kind.


                                                                       The Best Newers



                                                                       Outstanding Staff 


                                                                     Outstanding Leaders



                     Outstanding Contribution and Outstanding Devotion


After the Award Ceremony, we come to the second part. In addition to our colleagues in Jumper, we
also invite many distinguish guests of long time cooperation. Mr Lin Jiemin, General Manager from
Asustek Computer Company, Mr Yanghao, Customer Manager of COME Department from Microsoft
(China) Co, Ltd, Mr Dou Jingyong, and Secretary-General of Shenzhen Computer Dealers’ Chamber of
Commerce respectively make a speech to deliver their New Year’s best wishes to all the Jumper colleagues
and address the Party to impressively recall the past progress and to sincerely look forward the future
success together with Jumper.


                                Address of Distinguish Guests


 After the address, President Xie speaks glowingly of the latest progress through Jumper’s history of

development in 2014 and summarizes concisely five directions of development on Jumper Brand, ODM,

 Jumper Tablets, Asustek Business and Microsoft with five simple words, and they are “Transition”,

“Promotion”, “Banker” , “Elaboration”, “Hard-working”.  Meanwhile, he Presents his best wishes. 

After all the address, members of Administration Committee make a toast and announce the formal start

of the Dinner Party.


                        President Xie Expressing His Best Wishes


                                Members of Administration Committee Making a Toast


 After the Dinner Party, the really, truly show, Spring Festival Gala begins with a dynamic, revitalizing and

humorous dance. Other shows such as funny Tiny-potato Dance of creation, original sketch comedy of humor,

 popular Hip-Hop of cool and craziness, wonderful Hand Show of full meaning, beautiful song -to-guitar of

sincerity, interesting magic of miracle, and of course splendid singing and dancing performance of excellent

writing and planning again and again bring new highlights of the Party , exposing thoroughly the artistic

talent and creation of all the staff members in Jumper.     


Besides,  Xie Zitong, beloved daughter of President Xie, shows everybody her voice of seductive beauty and

her dance of charismatic attraction, which wins continuous compliment from audience present. Then TV drama

on topic”Run, Jumper”from ODM adopts various forms like video stitching, Hip-Hop, and chorus to display

the lasting spirit of keeping looking forward. What’s more, “Imitation Show of Chaplin”from Asustek 3C

utilizes its joyful perform, active interaction, and dazzling skill of magic to make audience exclaim the artistic

talent of Jumper staff and embrace another climax of the Party.



                                                            Enthusiastic Opening Dance  



                                          Ingenious TV Drama



                                  Dynamic and Popular Dance 


                                 Songs Lingering in the Room 


                        Interesting and Humorous Language Perform



                               Mysterious Magic Perform  

Lottery Draws go with excitement alternating the wonderful shows. A great display of prizes make the atmosphere

more and more fervent and the lottery draws more and more lively during the five parts of drawing lottery. What

makes more excited is that in addition to the original five awards, all the distinguish guests can’t help standing out

and adding temporary ones. And everybody is filled with luck and passion.


                                                                   Livey Lottery Draw 


                                               The Frst Prize Drawn by President Xie


                                                       Group Photo of Jumper Staff

The annual New Year’s Party is the best place to celebrate achievements and chat freely with wine.

During the past year of 2014, we have long been working shoulder to shoulder and conquering different

difficulties to open up new way of progressing; We are to go on fighting in the year 2015. We hope that

 Jumper will encounter its new glory with all our continuous painstaking endeavor, talents and abilities.

Let’s work together for Jumper where we can meanwhile enjoy its comfort, happiness and success.







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